The Body

 when the scent's not in the wind---
love all the world

endow your hospitals
and universities
embrace the poor

the body's law
is inescapable
translating through the loins
the limbs
the brain

go hide yourself
in deepest polar waste
yet it will pick-ax
through the molten ice
and find
something to kill


My Appointment...

 has a particular hour
like a six a.m. ferry
an afternoon therapy session
or a Saturday night film

no sequel
or epilogue

that which remains
eyes blank as slate boards in abandoned schools
cold lips, stone hands
red strung down the embalmer's drains

I do not fear to plunge back in the stream
finish my foolish love affair with rhyme
but gazing westward to uncanny lands
of lovers and immortals glimpsed in dream
stride onward toward the inky edge of time 


 scintillant wine
brewed in the balls
sluiced into the blood
for sinew, bone
and the imperious cock

and yet the liquor that gives strength
also feeds death

when death is due
the very source of life
rushes it through 

In My Own Image

 I've scooped out the flesh of the world
scraped it like the inside of a gourd
till it's empty as a stretched balloon
or a soap bubble
a thin skin over nothingness
a shimmering zero 

Broken Down Blues

 Old broken down lover
how come you alone tonight?
Old broken down lover
how come you alone tonight?
You had the best woman in the world
but you did not treat her right.

Old broken down lover
the moon ain't shine for you.
Old broken down lover
the moon ain't shine for you.
Your baby left so now what will you do?

Old broken down lover
the stars is out tonight.
Old broken down lover
the moon it shine so bright.
Shine for young lovers
in each others arms tonight. 


 your worst nightmare
will hit with the sudden
dazzling clarity
of prairie lightning
a vertical stroke
from lurid cloud



 vertigo of orbiting the sun
speeding through the galaxy
worlds rising huge above the rim
the stars a stream of lightlines

I drink a slug of water
my fingernails grow
I ride a bicycle
my heart paces its thrum
the liquid pressure in my eyeball holds
I eat a pear
button my shirt
my ears grow hair
my breath, unwilled
blood flows like traffic
red and blue

I feel the speed of rushing through the galaxy
I drink a slug of water

I tremble with the fear that has no name

Buried on Sunday

 born in Manhattan
graduated college
began teaching
got married
had kids
got divorced
grew old

grew older 


 the incandescent moment
ever crashed

by horns and hollers
bedlam trashed

the minefield-maze
the mystery

of what fucked up
our history 

The Past Drowns Itself

 we are not buried in time
but by it

professors, pundits, celebs
relegated from burning issues
to memoirs, college texts
clippings, chronicles, photos, obituaries
films where the dead
caper and crack jokes

I've seen generations
in their turn
shocked by the sudden youthful tides
displacing them

watched ideologies
roar in and wash out

eternal recurrence...

can you spell Nietzsche? 


 at our age
we are dying
and should be dying

this is no longer our age
which we observe
as from a height

not our music
not our words

ever swifter
in a time-lapse film

or talking with a grandchild
of childish things

being too foolish to die

                             or to live

at our age


Flyers 9/11 (actual messages displayed in various places)


we need your help...

please help us...

my family and I are desperately seeking...

we are anxiously awaiting...


missing person

missing person

any information...

Krishna V. Moorthy, Fiduciary Trust
was on 83rd floor when we last...

looking for Jerome Lohez...

Have you seen Tyrone May?

last seen on 105th floor...

Giovanna "Gennie" Gambela

CARR FUTURES, Tower #1, Floor 92...

Richard Bosco (pictured in pool with 2 children)

window cleaning, working on 107 floor...

Jayson "Jake" Cayne...

Mr. Yoichi Sugiyama, Fuji Bank, Ltd.
North Tower, floor 101

goes by "Gino" or "Gene"

Ethnicity: Chinese (looks mixed)

worked on 103rd floor...

Katy McGarry Noack

AON Corporation 92nd floor...

Olabisi Layeni Yee...

Rebecca works at Marsh & McLennan...

Herman C. Broghammer, Height 5'10" (crossed out) 5'8"

brown eyes, lots of earrings...

hair black (with grey)

wearing navy blue suit with light blue blouse

gold hoop earrings, gold heart pendant

scar on abdomen

barbell in right ear

Frosted Blonde curly hair

clown tattoo...

upper right thigh---Heart and Rose

mole at jawbone near right ear

beige long skirt suit

Gold Wedding Ring

left index finger does not extend

was clean shaven on September 11, 2001

5 months pregnant

Tattoos: Dolphin on foot
               Long stem rose on calf
               Eagle with American flag

Black Female, medium complexion...

 ...wearing an EMS uniform...a brown Filipino rosary...a Swiss Army Watch...

approx. 240 lbs. (shown in picture holding glass of beer)

slim tooth

Firefighter Badge 12642

has a tan line on his upper right arm from a temporary tribal tattoo

Born 07/15/72

angel wing tattoo on right shoulder

light khaki pants & gray DKNY polo shirt

please call 973-486...............

please call 917-664...............

Si usted a visto...
Please contact:

You may contact:
                             Cousin, Maria Rivera
                             Grandma, Carmen Soto
Please email us at

call or pray for him

favor de cummunicar

contact 201-507..............................


                     Watch over us,

                               Love You,


god bless you