Improv.1 (Variation on "Consonants not Vowels" by Binnie Pasquier)

crickets catch

my lifeline falls
like petals

a barrage of ponchos
drove mommy out of the foxholes

Jesus in my kitchen
pounds the shells

you fortune-flower,
good-luck zinnia-girl

  Improv. 2 (Hellenic)

seen thru

Delphic mirror

shimmering fingers
spool vapor

sky of sea

swooping the surface of
possible lips
scatter their
charisma of cries

   Improv.3 (Genesis) 

garden chimera
of golden vein

  Eden devoured
fear uncurling 

sixty bridges
singing in wind 

starry footprint


Improv.5 (For Evy)

my freckled mate

I don my drool suit and clown cleats
  not merely to frisk your high school chassis
  but to smell the Brooklyn blood smoke
taste the family candy 

sing me those rip-rap blues
and baste some simperfish
O avocado mine 

rub the mudblind
from my subway glass
and dunk my dandelion

Improv.6 (Threat)

circles of chatter
words unsafe
Dada's monkeys trampoline keyboards 

Shiva serves stoneware mugs
of green Babylon seltzer
seaweed photos
of the obscene biosphere

assault pastel moods
in your opaque sedans

Improv.7 (Romance

Homer's gutter pulpit
is a mosque of sultan glass

feathered antennae
dipped in Gorgon's blood
tear open Sistine sky

 eggshell jalapeno mirth
shatters Cronos' baked lips

  sirens topple megaliths
loft the divine banner
past cusp of harvest moon

Pegasus' triple mane
Byzantine quicksilver
flows on starry faience
lion and serpent
left this crimson egg
tooth of gnosis
well of Greek fire 

 Improv.8 (Bananas)

maracas on A-deck
sloppy-joes fruging

real tennis debs
cuba libra, pommes flambeaux
viva samba! 
hibiscus taxi
marimba courtyard
  bistro parakeets
  bon voyage, slinky 

 Improv.9 (Snapbean Sonnet)

Kodak parrot
totem of inky lightbox 

tufted osprey in phlox helmet 
carouses on coriander 

rock herring at the Hippodrome  
Judas drones Diogenes' dilemma
from garrulous vellum

  below the mute surface
his luminous blood  flows to Guyana
on the gulf stream

  Improv.10 (As Toulouse Lautrec)

through folded fire
a passionate gargoyle

  ascends the mouse throne
seeking its aureole 

cherishes fruit du jour
desire's plums

sprinkles saffron
rakes embers

  trying to revive
a tin-cup Kerouac  

Improv.11 (Deja-You)

strollers sport gold shades
a hurdy-gurdy pipes belly-jazz
for mirthful saints 

Florida goddess
creamy tart
  in cubist tiara
at Hotel Chagall 

whipped mangoes
in frosty glass

exotic tide,  brass coral
Celtic beryl,  Elusinian ebony

then you hear a  chime
familiar as entr'act in a Paris theater 

put on your circus shoes
step into the whirlpool, 

sing out
those reincarnation blues

  Improv.12 (Penelope)

of lost Odysseus heather whispers
  screen on her chiaroscuro gown 
drowned by
pipes and timbrels
foghorn locust
weave her twine corset  

Improv.13 (Sonata)

ice-goddess encodes
a virtual trousseau

hermetic justice
in needlepoint tempo 

under cloud ships
through green lens 

eternal glacier
  of stars

 © Copyright 2-2-97 Martin A. Abramson. All rights reserved.