time is the trolley we all ride
love is the stranger you sit beside
Death, the conductor, lets you out
at the corner of Destiny and Doubt


The Trapdoor

life is a tale told not
by us

but about us  

Senior Musing

always expecting

always expecting death

well, it's just death

it's just DEATH

I'd like  to get it 

over with


so I'll never have 

to worry about it


Permission to Laugh: A Funeral Poem

am I seriously dying?

is dying serious?

is it deleterious?

a personal or civil case

running out of time and space?

or is it more mysterious?

the curtain finally descends

house lights come up and thoughful friends

file slowly up the theatre aisles

hopefully with puns and smiles

and outward to the mist of days

in merry-making wend their ways

Better to drink unto delirium

than wonder about death's mysterium


 There was a young woman of Perth
Who hoped to inherit the earth,
But at last received only
Two cats and a pony
Which disturbed that young woman of 


 There was a young lady of Crete
Who walked on her hands (not her feet)
When quizzed by the town
Why she walked upside-down
She explained that her shoes were too "teet". 

 There was a young man from La Jolla
Who married a girl named La Toya
She gave him a scare
By braiding his hair
Which unnerved that young man from La Jolla. 


 Consciousness is IDENTITY like a fingerprint or voice print. Every consciousness is unique but each needs something to be conscious OF like a human body or perhaps a larger (virtual?) program (hologram?) It can be stored on a database. That's as far as I've got. I will now copy this to the Everything list. 

REMEMBRANCE for evelyn

after they found her

on the mountain

we walked in a park where a local fair

had a perfect Colorado day

we walked hand in hand

still young enough

but death changed the day

a clear overlay

on the scape of scenery